February 20, 2013

dear you

It’s been three years today. Can you believe that we’ve come this far? And when I stop to ponder, I find that this three year mark is a beauty on its own. After what has happened (and that will be our little secret) I guess it’s safe to say, that I feel a little closer to you than I ever did. I don’t know how that’s even possible, but that is how I feel. The beauty of having our ultimate faith and leaving the heart in His care. This will be the story of our lives and it’s still happening. Things will change and people will too, just like they should. Because what kind of story would that be if nothing changed at all?

I like that we balance each other out. And through these years, you taught me how to be less judgmental and very judgmental at the same time. To be selfless but also a little bit shrewd. To still be me, but have a little you too. ;)

I know it’s never gonna be simple or easy. We’ll have our ups and downs and I’ll always brace myself for the inevitable. But as for now, I know we’ll always go back to each other because between us, we share that beautiful moment together when sparks flew and love fills our heart. The day that we sat in a room full of loved ones and you said, “aku terima nikahnya…”. I remember it all too well. :’)

And for the rest of my life, I’ll never tire and will always feel that little thrill each time you tell me that every time you look at me it feels like the first time and that I’m the best thing that’s ever been yours. The water’s going to be rough, but this love is brave and true, and it’s ours.

Happy third anniversary, sayang. Let’s pray it’ll last till jannah.